Kitchen Renovation Costs in NJ: A Comprehensive Guide

Kitchens are an essential part of any place. When people are involved, you can expect a location with food and the facility to cook it. This is why keeping your kitchen up to date is so important. From preparing food to having meals together, your kitchen area contributes to memories just as much as the rest of your space. Considering its vital role, it is only fair that humans get the urge to customize and improve it to match their needs. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Kitchen renovation takes up a lot of manpower, not to mention budget. While some updates may be needed, we tend to postpone them based on potential charges and overall expenditure. So, even planning to get it done feels like a hollow commitment. In this blog, we are going to change that. We have created a phase-relevant cost breakdown for kitchen renovations in NJ and surrounding areas. So you can finally start planning that revamp you have been putting off. Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

What does it Include:

Kitchen renovation projects revolve around the following things:

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While minor adjustments and changes can be performed without needing external help, major constructions and updates are costly and can come up with any future enhancements. The cost also depends on whether you hire a contractor with materials covered or hire a team and pay directly to them for the services. People usually tend to resource the tools and materials themselves to save money. However, whether you want to explore the relevant markets yourself or have someone else do it for you is a matter of preference. There is no harm in self-research, but buying via contractors or teams can also get you some rate adjustments and discounts. Therefore, explore every option thoroughly and choose the one that best aligns with your needs

Phases by Cost:

Planning and Discussion.

Planning is the toughest part of this process. For instance, if you have decided to get your cabinets remade, you’ll need a quote from a pro, collect, and buy the relevant material. And then get to work yourself or hire a crew to do so. Based on your budget and requirements, you will need a considerable amount of time before you settle on a plan of action. By comparing and conducting a detailed form of research, you can find a more suitable set of materials, tools, and timelines for the renovation project. 
Remember that the more extensive your plans are, the more complicated or exhausting things can get. Short-term renovations are executable, but long-term ones may extend to a period of months or require the help of a professional team to be wrapped up perfectly.
The research phase doesn’t have a cost, and companies like Royal Home Builders NJ often provide free quotes and estimates to make things easier for potential customers.


Let’s be real; the ‘buying’ process is harder than the ‘applying.’ The strife to find the best material in cost-effective packages is enough to cause frustration and exhaustion. Even minor differences in desired materials could tamper with the overall budget. Therefore, people opt for collecting information on the best advisors in the field and the most suitable connections to purchase from.
The material for minor updates can cost you between $1000 to $5000 in New Jersey. However, for bigger projects like flooring, appliances, and woodwork, it’s advised to have at least $5000 to $15000 with any impulsive adjustments or emergency amounts in mind.

Creation and Design.

This is where the service charges or fee comes in. If you are DIYing through the kitchen renovation project, you don’t have to include the labor cut. However, things can get expensive when you have hired a crew to implement the said plan. For instance, you wanted to make a new set of cabinets and install them by the same crew. If you purchased the material yourself, you would only need to pay the team you have hired, but if they are also doing the buying alongside the making, you will be charged extra. Another good recycling or upcycling technique is to utilize any resourceful parts of old items and repurpose them for renovation. 

Renovation projects in NJ cost around $500 to $1000 for service alone. However, this range doesn’t apply to every company and can differ depending on the area, company reputation, and project details.

Extraction and Cleaning.

This is something that doesn’t necessarily need the help of a crew. However, if you want to avoid the mess, you can leave it to the hired team. Demolition and cleaning of the targeted areas to install are usually included in the service charges of teams.
Doing it yourself could save some money, but you might need more skill and precision of an expert.

Installation and Maintenance.

The installation and testing is a significant phase that shows the renovation’s durability and overall success. Companies divide the charges into phases, but you can easily expect the installation to cost up to $500 or more. So, you can do the entire process for minor adjustments for $500 to $1000.
For medium-grade renovation, keep at least $5000 to $15000; for premium purposes and plans, the amount could extend to $50000.

Now that we have sorted the cost let’s move on to the ‘doing’ part and hire a team of experts. Luckily, our renovating experts at Royal Home Builders NJ provide exceptional home and kitchen remodeling services. So reach out and contact us now or connect using our number (732)515-8033.

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