Expert Advice for Maximizing Your Square Footage

Small spaces are hard to fill in and accommodate. Using the full area to your advantage is a plan you must craft and execute. From the smallest placement to the biggest obstacle, you must navigate through everything. But how does one maximize a space based on square footage? The answer to this question lies in this helpful guide. We have collected a list of advice from experts on how to make the most out of small spaces. If you are experiencing such issues, stick around and read until the end of the blog.

Declutter and Organize

The first and foremost thing to do is to declutter. Put everything in order so you can assess whether it’s a small or big project that needs a home addition contractor. Once you can see all the stuff in front of you, planning and organizing will become a bit easier. Start making a list of categories for all the materials in your space. Labels like ‘recycle, dispose of, repurpose’, etc., can help you find better purposes for all the items without overwhelming them. This step is for identification and observation, and the rest of the process depends on how well it’s done, so dedicate a considerable amount of time to get all the information you need.

Invest in Multi-purpose Furniture

A bed that folds into a sofa. A chair that doubles as a one-seater couch. A table with compactable stools which save space. All these things are A-tier items to add to your environment if you have a small area. Multi-functional household items are the best purchase you could ever make. They are vital accessories and can be used for seating and sleeping arrangements. While such objects should be a part of every home, they are especially needed in small homes with a packed space.

Explore Storage Options

You could buy a trunk or get a suitcase to buy some extra stuff. Furniture with built-in storage facilities is also an amazing deal. Have as many storage options as possible to ensure your place doesn’t look cramped. This doesn’t mean you fill your house with all the possible and unnecessary storage options. Referring to the first step, see what needs to be stored and the nature of the items. For instance, seasonal wardrobes and accessories will need flexible packing, whereas any fragile kitchen utensils or crockery will need something to contain their delicacy.

Add Mirrors and Light Colors

Reflective surfaces can build an illusion of space and wideness, so installing long mirrors in one or two spaces might work well in your favor. Avoid places of immediate contact that are exposed to a lot of traffic. Light colors are another great idea that makes a place look bigger. Apply soft colors to make the walls pop, giving you more area to decorate and experiment with. White, beige, sage, and light blue are some of the nicer colors you can try using.

Use Screens and Dividers

If you can’t remove something from a space, it’s better to hide it. You can make any region into a storage space by veiling it with a small curtain or screen divider. You still get to use the space without it being too much, and the stuff that needs sorting also needs to keep its spot. However, you must organize smart, or this could become a lumpy flop. Cleverly arrange everything so retention and visibility issues are resolved easily.

Arrange Smartly

Any space can be utilized perfectly with a well-thought-out arrangement. From stacking to placement, everything must be carefully planned with any pros and cons. For instance, if you place something on a windowsill, would it hold or fall with the smallest budget? Loosely applied Tetris rules can help you place everything in the most optimal way possible.

Utilize Clever Lighting

Harsh, loud lights can give an illusion of stuffiness. A small space can be perceived differently, even with a small lighting update. You can take a home addition contractor help to find the best lighting techniques and implement them accordingly.

Customize the Spaces

Your home, your space, your rules. Instead of making fancy purchases that might cramp up your space, use smart storage and organization. The more customized the space is, the more welcoming and wide it will appear. Whether you’re in New Jersey or anywhere else, there are no rules to making a tight space look nice; all you have to do is think carefully and do what will feel and work the best.

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