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  • Comprehensive design and planning
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable building materials
  • Improved comfort with better living
  • Warranty and maintenance


Your Premier New Home Builder in Monmouth County, NJ

Building a new home is a dream for many families, and Monmouth County, NJ, is the perfect place to settle down with its beautiful beaches, charming towns, and rich history. However, the process can be overwhelming with all the permits and approvals needed. That’s why finding the right builder to bring your vision to life is important.

Royal Home Builders are the leading new home builders in Monmouth County, NJ. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to creating dream homes for families in the Monmouth County area. We understand that building a new home is an important decision, and we are here to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. From design to construction, we are committed to providing our clients with quality workmanship, customer service, and value pricing. Our focus is on providing our customers with a great experience while they build their dream homes.

Whether you’re looking for a custom home Builders, a luxurious estate, or a cozy cottage, we can build that for you! Contact us today if you are ready to start building your dream home!

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Home!

Custom Home Building Monmouth County NJ

At Royal Home Builders, we specialize in custom home building in Monmouth County, NJ. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and build your dream home from start to finish. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to using high-quality materials to ensure your new home is both beautiful and durable.

Luxury Home Building

If you are looking for a truly luxurious home, look no further than Royal Home Builders. Our team of experts has years of experience building high-end, luxury homes in Monmouth County, NJ. We use only the finest materials and the latest building techniques to create truly one-of-a-kind homes.

Small Home Builders

There are many benefits to owning a small home, including lower utility bills and less time spent maintaining the property. Many homeowners also enjoy the feeling of leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. We offer affordable housing options for those who wish to adopt green lifestyles without sacrificing comfort or quality of living standards. Our team of small home builders has decades of experience designing beautiful homes that are both functional and efficient for your needs!

Cost for Building a New Home in Monmouth County, NJ

Building a new home can be a daunting process. One of the most important considerations is the cost. The overall cost varies depending on the home’s size, location, and features. The average cost for building a new home in Monmouth County, NJ, is $175 to $500 per square foot. If you live in an area prone to flooding or earthquakes, your price will be higher than the average. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Find out if there are any restrictions on what types of homes can be built on your property
  • Check with local zoning officials to find out if they require special permits or inspections before construction begins
  • Determine how much square footage you need by calculating how many rooms each family member will need for sleeping or studying (add an extra room for storage space)

Choose Royal Home Builders For Your Next Home Building Project

Commitment to Quality

Our custom home builders in Monmouth County, NJ, are committed to delivering exceptional quality in every aspect of our work. From the materials we use to the craftsmanship of our builders, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. Our goal is to create functional living spaces that meet your needs and reflect your style. All of our projects are managed by our team of professional designers and builders who take pride in their workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.

Expert Design and Planning

When it comes to building a new home, it’s important for you to know exactly what’s going on every step of the way. We start by working closely with you through the design and planning process so that your home turns out exactly as you imagined it would. And then, we build it right on time, so there are no delays or surprises along the way. We use the latest in home-building technology to bring your vision to life, and our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

We only use the highest-quality materials in our home-building projects, and our team of skilled builders is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. From the foundation to the roof, we ensure that every aspect of your home is built to the highest standards.

Affordable Home Building Services

At Royal Home Builders, we believe building a home should be enjoyable and stress-free. That’s why we offer affordable home-building services to residents of Monmouth County, NJ, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that when you work with us, it’s not just about getting your dream home built—it’s also about feeling confident in our ability to deliver on our promises.

A Home Built to Last

Our homes are built to last—not just because of their materials but also because of the care we take when building them. We ensure that each detail is perfect before we move on to the next construction phase. This means that when you move into your new home, you can rest assured knowing it will be as beautiful and functional as you imagined!

Frequently Asked Question

Typically a new house will take around 6 to 16 months to complete. However, several factors will determine the actual time, including the type of house, the size and complexity of the plans, the weather conditions, and scheduling conflicts.

Yes! Customization is available on any of our homes. We want your dream home to be exactly what you desire, so we offer many different custom options, including exterior color selections, upgraded cabinets and countertops, flooring choices, and much more!

We provide a wide range of home building services, from the initial design to the final touches before you move in. Our services include:
• Designing your home from scratch
• Building an extension to your existing structure
• Renovating your current house
• Building a new house on an existing site

Yes! We want our homeowners to feel like they have a say in the design of their home. That’s why we offer so many options for customization—we want you to be able to make your new home feel like YOURS.